Rank Your YouTube Videos on #1 Position with YouTube Tugger

Everyone knows that YouTube is the second powerful search engine in the world. Now a days, people do not waste their time on reading blogs and directly move to YouTube for audio visual information. YouTube to target customers is the right choice. 30 million people watch videos on YouTube every day.
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The Problem Today

But when it comes to promotions, We all know that the ads on YouTube do not provide a good conversion rate. You might end up with investing 1000$ for not even a single conversion. YouTube show ads to people who are even not interested and not in that niche. A person watching technology video sees ad of Hair Removing Cream. Hey common, this does not make any sense.
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 Here is a solution

We understand and believe in targeting videos to right people, not in spending hard earned money on AdWords. We don't trust in advertising when we can organically gain hell lot of traffic. We help you grow organically and reach 100% targeted audience.

 How do we do that

We pull your video on #1 position of #1 page of the YouTube search page. We help you get highest CTR in no time by our magical techniques, which we claim the first ever ranking service in the world (I was hesitant to write this line, but its true.). However the service is available only for Indian YouTube marketers.


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Decide your best content, and get them working for you.


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